Estates Gazette: Charting the tax landscape

It is probably fair to say that non-resident investors have borne the brunt of the changes affecting the tax landscape for investors in UK real estate. They may be forgiven for feeling slightly persona non grata as far as the Treasury is concerned. Capital gains The imminent change affecting non-UK resident investors in UK real estate (effective

Blockchain 101: what is the difference between a public and a private blockchain?

We have previously explored blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, blockchain-based smart contracts and consensus protocols which you can discover in our blog The Blockchain Consensus.  This article focusses on another piece of jargon which accompanies this field and seeks to explain the difference between a public and a private blockchain. A blockchain is characterised as being either

Mishcon de Reya celebrated kindness in leadership on International Women’s Day

Mishcon de Reya and the network Women Who Inspire celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting a discussion on kindness in leadership. Leading London-based Russian and CIS business women from a variety of industries came together to discuss the role that empathy, compassion, kindness and purpose have played in  helping them navigate the modern business environment

Blockchain 101: what is a consensus protocol? pt. 1 – an introduction

In our previous 101 articles which you can find on our Blockchain Consensus blog, we have explored blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs and blockchain-based smart contracts.  This article focusses on an often used but seldom understood piece of technical jargon which often accompanies this field: the consensus protocol. Because of the complexity, we’re breaking this article down into

Putting your mark on the map

Choosing the name of any new development is a critical part of the process of creating its brand identity. Where possible, development names should be registered as a trade mark. A registration is a valuable business asset (it can be easily enforced against unauthorised or confusingly similar uses) and it can be bought, sold, licensed or

International Data Protection Day and GDPR: a measured assessment

On the first International Data Protection Day after the GDPR came into effect, Mishcon de Reya’s Jon Baines reflects on the current data protection issues. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became directly applicable on 25 May 2018, accompanied by much media clamour and business disquiet. Some commentators warned of enormous administrative fines, whilst others forecast “SARmageddon” (a huge